Hilo, HI

The dietician/nutritionist functions as a consultant to the staff, families and external agencies to maintain quality care. The position provides assistance and services to the program in the areas of nutritional assessment, food services management and education and training.

The dietician works to create and maintain a high level of related to food services and dietary issues.

The incumbent focus on providing professional, informative, and clear communications on dietary and nutritional areas related to program needs:

  • Maintain sensitivity to client needs and preferences
  • Represents the program in a positive and professional manner
  • Refers client or family concerns to appropriate staff for resolution
  • Knowledgeable of, and assists in, the protection of client/family rights
  • Communicates comprehensive, clinically appropriate and functionally relevant information to client, families and staff
  • Completes chart review, client interview and nutritional assessment as necessary to ensure appropriate dietary and nutritional programming is in place
  • Assists in the customizing of individual diets and menu plans as necessary
  • Meets regularly with the program management to discuss individual client concerns and issues as well as Resident’s Council related information and review interventions
  • Provides concise documentation pertaining to client needs and preferences
  • Provides education and training regarding specialized diets as required to clients, families and staff members


  • Education: BS in Food, Nutrition and Institutional Management or equivalent
  • Experience with food services operations in a group home setting, specialized diets including enteral nutrition

Physical Requirements

  • The ability to lift 50 lbs.

Valid Drivers License

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