Personal Habilitation (PAB) Workers provide one on one assistance to individuals of all ages with special needs in their homes and/or in the community. PAB workers help these individuals to acquire, retain and improve skills that allow them to be more self-sufficient, engage in opportunities which identify and expand personal interests, and build skills in self-advocacy.

In order to meet outcomes/goals set forth in individualized plans, these individuals often need assistance with activities of daily living, social and leisure skill development, building relationships and exploring natural supports, as well as expanding volunteer/employment opportunities. Training and Consultation services may be provided to clients with high levels of challenging or maladaptive behaviors.

Should clients qualify for respite services, our PAB Workers are able to assist our existing PAB clients. Respite services are provided on a short term basis for clients living in family homes to relieve the person normally providing the care.

Each client is provided with a Service Supervisor to ensure that

  • participants are making progress on his/her goals
  • the team is well trained
  • everyone is working collaboratively towards success
  • PAB performance is monitored and progress is reported in a timely manner
  • monthly supervision with clients and their team is provided
Available on Oahu, Maui, and Big Island
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Funding Source: Department of Health – Developmental Disabilities Division (DDD)