Early Intervention Services (EIS)

Hawaii Behavioral Health EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES (EIS)Hawaii Behavioral Health is contracted to provide Intensive Behavioral Support Services to children, 18 months old to age 3, who have developmental delays (cognition, speech, language, physical, motor, vision, hearing). These early intervention services are available for infants and toddlers with serious behavior concerns (Autism/PDD) under the age of three years and referred by the Department of Health – Early Intervention Program. Children are eligible to receive behavioral support services in addition to the developmental services they may already be receiving. These services may include:

sm-bullet  Instructional Consultations
sm-bullet  Behavioral Treatment Plans
sm-bullet  Training and Assistance to Families
sm-bullet  Skills Training

Our services and service providers focus on improving communication, adaptive, academic, motor and social skills of children of all ages with autism and other developmental disabilities. Developmental therapy and behavioral services can be provided in the home, at the child’s preschool or day care, or at a designated Early Intervention Program site.

Early Intervention Services are located at the following location(s):

OAHU: Jill Tanioka (808) 585-1424
MAUI: Cailin Goodier (808) 242-7294
WAIMEA: Vanessa Dennis (808) 887-0741

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